Coming 2021

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Haiki is a skillbased platformer where you can jump between worlds to change the visibility of obstacles.

Haiki is a young boy new in the town. He doesn’t know a lot about the surounding woods. One day he decides to go for a hike. But while walking around he has left the trail and went straigth into the woods. In an unlucky meeting between him and the evil lord Nohead his head got cut off.
Just before the lord Nohead could grab the head of Haiki, it rolls down the cliff.
But magically is still alive! (Except some bruses here and there from falling.)

Now it’s your turn. Control the head of Haiki, make your way back up, go to the castle and get your body back!

In Haiki you’re able to jump between 3 parallel worlds with just a button press.
The worlds are represented by the 3 colors.